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An international and interdisciplinary conference on escape and convict experience

What does escape mean?
What are the myriad ways to escape?
What are the boundaries of confinement?

June 26 - 29 2003

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Venue: Strahan
(Macquarie Harbour Penal Station 1822-1834)
West Coast, Tasmania

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Important note
Catch the "Escape Conference Convict Special" on the Registration Page
Amazing entertainment, music, & company provided. First come, first served....
Departing Hobart Thursday 26th June at 11 am.
Seats restricted - book yours NOW!

Keynote Speakers:
Ian Duffield
- University of Edinburgh
'Cultural Baggage: Tales and Practices of Escape'

Marcus Rediker - University of Pittsburgh
"How to Escape Bondage: The Atlantic Adventures of the 'Fugitive Traytor' Henry Pitman, 1687"


Contact Lucy Frost for abstract submission or further information.

Warning: This is likely to be a popular event and space is limited for both papers and delegates. We urge you to get in contact quickly!


More information coming soon!

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Hosted by the International Centre for Convict Studies and the University of Tasmania
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