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Conference Program
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Thursday 26 June                
11.00 AM Bus Leaves Hobart for Strahan from Campbell Street side of the Hotel Grand Chancellor - Lunch stop at Derwent Bridge Hotel
7.30 PM onwards registration and informal gathering for drinks in the Macquarie Lounge, Strahan Village Conference Centre.  
Friday 27 June                
8:30 -9:40 AM Plenary Session: conference opening by Jan Pakulski, Dean of Arts, University of Tasmania  
  Introduction by Henry Reynolds of the first keynote speaker   
  Keynote address Marcus Rediker How to Escape Bondage: The Atlantic Adventures of the 'Fugitive Traytor' Henry Pitman, 1687  
9.45-11.15 AM Presentation of Conference Papers  
Session 1: Session presented by the International Centre for Convict Studies  
  Chair: Lucy Frost  
  Clare Anderson ‘Weel about and turn about and do jus’ so, Eb’ry time I weel about, I jump Jim Crow’: performance & cultural identity in Indian Ocean penal settlements
  Susan Ballyn  Escape was to fight another day in another country: The Maquis in Spain  
  Hamish Maxwell-Stewart  The Fabrication of Convict History: Vol.1 The Wrong Trousers?  
Session 2: Chair: Stefan Petrow  
  June Slee & Richard Tuffin  Point Puer, a Fortress Girded by the Whip?  
  Lynette Ross  The Final Escape: an analysis of suicide at the penal settlement of Port Arthur  
  James Parker  Who was Escaping What? Port Arthur & Perceptions of the Convict System  
11.15 - 11.30 AM  Break for morning tea  
11.30 AM -1.00 PM Presentation of Conference Papers  
Session 1: Chair: Jeff Malpas  
  David Hopkin  Fantasies of Evasion: how folktales provided soldiers and sailors with strategies of escape (1792-1815)
  Emma Christopher  Ten Thousand Times Worse than the Convicts': sailors as the focus of rebellion and escape  
  Chris Addams  No Escape - The Convict Experience in Bermuda 1823-1864  
Session 2: Chair: Margaret Reynolds  
  Tina Picton-Phillipps Escape from the Historians: so many men were of dubious character  
  Nicola Goc Infanticide as an escape narrative: The Story of Mary McLauchlan  
  Erin Ihde ‘Bold, Manly-Minded Men’ and ‘Sly, Cunning, Base Convicts’: The Double Standard of Escape  
1.00 - 2.00 PM Lunch  
2.00 - 3.30 PM Presentation of Conference Papers  
Session 1: Chair: Marian Quartly  
  Amanda Laugesen  Languages of Control, Escape, and Subversion  
  Toni Sherwood Escape in the Wilderness: Representations of the West Coast in Four Tasmanian Fictions   
  Catherine Lawler Escape is not an option  
Session 2: Chair: Alex Thomson  
  Brad Manera Tommy Atkins' versus the Bolter  
  Pete Lines Deserters of the York Chasseurs  
  Phil Hilton Escape to Captivity: British Military Deserters and other Incorrigibles  
3.30 - 3.45 PM Break  
3.45-5.15 PM Presentation of Conference Papers  
Session 1: Chair: Kirsty Reid  
  Grace Karskens Seeing heaven again: early Sydney and  the transformation of escape  
  Jeff Brownrigg From Bondage… Liberated': Frank the Poet’s Dreams of Liberty  
  Peter MacFie A Fiddler and a Piper: Escaping with folk traditions   
Session 2: Chair: Alan Blow  
  Jacqui Wilson Relics of Desperate Acts: The Marketing of Escape and Containment in J Ward  
  Andrew Piper Poor Old Invalids: The Convicts Who Never Escaped  
  Stefan Petrow From Exile to Freedom: The Escape of the Young Irelanders from Van Diemen's Land  
5.30-6.30 PM Plenary Session  
  Welcome to the West Coast by Cr Daryl Gerrity, Mayor  
  Paul Collins, author of Hell's Gates, in conversation with Philip Mead  
Saturday 28 June                
8.30-10.00 AM Presentation of Conference Papers  
Session 1: Session sponsored by University of Tasmania Research Cluster, Colonialism & Its Aftermath  
  Chair: Hamish Maxwell-Stewart  
  Cassandra Pybus  From Chattel Slavery to Penal Servitude: the escape of John Moseley  
  Tony Stagg I did not mean to tell the world I had arrived': Richard Humphreys and the Voyage of the Seabird  
  Lucy Frost Escape as a Female Performance  
Session 2: Chair: Linn Miller  
  Jenna Mead Getting Away from It All: Caroline Leakey’s The Broad Arrow  
  Alison Alexander ‘Little Delicacy of Choice’: escape for female convicts  
  Marion Myhill A psychologist’s view of escape – the flight of body and mind  
10.00-10.15 AM Morning tea  
10.15-11.45 AM Presentation of Conference Papers  
Session 1: Chair: Alison Alexander  
  Robert Grant  ‘Idle, unprincipled, and vicious in the extreme’: the escaped convict in New Zealand in the first half of the 19th Century
  Mike Powell Thomas Conquit: Conquering a Motley Past  
  Diane Phillips Exile or Escape: Life for the Early Settlers of George Town  
Session 2: Chair: Tina Picton-Phillipps  
  Kirsty Reid Escaping the ‘hated stain’? Abolitionism, convicts and ‘liberty’ in Van Diemen’s Land, 1840-1853  
  John Petersen The Lost World - Assembling a Convict Past  
  W. R. Robbins Confined to Barracks: The Hyde Park Convict Barracks and the Freedom of Male Convict Workers
Session 3: Chair: Philip Mead  
  Perry McIntyre Sent to freedom in a penal colony  
  Carol Liston Convicted Childhoods  
  Dianne Snowden Arson: a means of escape from post-famine Ireland  
11.45 AM -1.15 PM Presentation of Conference Papers  
Session 1: Chair: Elspeth Wishart  
  Christine Yeats Transportation and beyond — escaping the traditional framework of convict research  
  Robyn Eastley Transported - Escaped - Transported Again   
  Louise Connell A Just Measure of Pain? Nottingham’s Shire Hall  
Session 2: Chair: Michael Bennett  
  Chris Williams Pursuit: The Pursuer as Escapee  
  Simon Devereaux Patrick Madan: One Man’s Odyssey through England’s Penal Crisis, 1774-1784   
  Tom Dunning Escape from ‘Happy Lands’ and ‘Holy Lands’: ‘Criminal’ Families and Neighbors in Scotland and Van Diemen’s Land in the 1840 
Session 3: Chair: Sarah Li  
  Eleanor Casella Be/Longing: Ambiguities of Escape in Austral-Irish Penal Heritage  
  Tracie Walsh & Shane McLennon Mutiny on the Cyprus  
  Anthony Lambert Whatever happened to Margaret Catchpole?  
1.15-2.00 PM Lunch  
2.00 - 3.30 PM Presentation of Conference Papers  
Session 1: Panel: Convict Sites and the Problems of Conservation Management  
  Rosemary Sandford, Participating Chair  
  Peter Romey Conservation Management and Planning at Port Arthur  
  Anne McConnell No Escape from the Sarah Island Penal Station: a conservation management planning perspective
  Mike Nash Escape and the Coal Mines Historic Site  
Session 2: Chair: Clare Anderson  
  Anoma Pieris Divisive Strategies: Rising Insurgence in the Straits Prison System  
  Jeannine DeLombard Handed Out of the Dungeon He Was Confined In': Textual Escape in Black Atlantic Criminal Confessions
  Stuart Blackler The Language of Escape  
Session 3: Chair: Marilyn Lake  
  Caroline Evans George Dudfield and the Oatlands System  
  Judith Sackville-O’Donnell Ikey Solomon: Escape to Van Diemen’s Land  
  Meg Dillon John Naldrett – Free, Proud, & Political  
3.30 - 3.45 PM Break  
3.45-5.15 PM  
Session 1: Heritage Tourism Round Table — Interpreting Convict Sites in Tasmania  
  Rob Giason, Participating Chair  
  Chris Arthur  
  Jane Foley  
  Julie Marshall  
  Brett Noble  
  Peter Romey  
  Trevor Sofield  
Session 2: Chair: Lindsay Simpson  
  Jeffrey Auerbach ‘There’s No Escape’: Thomas Watling, John Glover, & the Australian Picturesque  
  Peter Lane The Man who made Holey Dollars and Dumps  
  Marita Bardenhagen Martin Edwards and Hugh Fraser – escape from emancipation  
5.30-6.30 PM The Ship that Never Was performed at the Strahan Visitors' Centre  
  Tickets: very special conference price of $8  
6.30-7.00 PM Drinks in  the Macquarie Lounge and Stay'd - Jo Richardson and Lisa Morisset  
from 7.00 PM Conference Buffet Dinner at the Macquarie Restaurant   
  Tickets: $35   (not included in registration fee)  
Sunday 29 June                
8.30 AM Introduction by Barry Jones of the second keynote speaker   
  Keynote address: Ian Duffield Cultural Baggage': Tales and Practices of Escape  
10.00 AM - 2.30 PM     Boat leaves at 10 am SHARP!  Stragglers left behind on quay!
  Escape on a Cruise - Tour to Hell’s Gates and Sarah Island.  
  Not to be missed – A genuine below decks convict transportation experience!
  Atlantic conditions guaranteed!  Bring suitable clothing
  Please note – all costs of cruise trip are paid for in your registration fee – including rations – Bargain of the Century. 
3.00 PM Hobart Bus departure  
  Approximate arrival time Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart -  8.30 pm  

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