Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

Associate Lecturer, School of History and Classics

Research Interests:

History of unfree labour migration, work, social control and colonization particularly convict transportation to Australia. I am currently working on ARC projects including "Penal Labour and Patriot Exile 1839-46" with Cassandra Pybus, Tom Dunning and Ian Duffield; and "A Control Sample of Male Convicts 1817-39" with Cassandra Pybus and Tom Dunning.

Recent Publications include

  • A Pack of Thieves?: Fifty Two Convict Lives with S. Hood Port Arthur: Port Arthur Historic Site, 2000.
  • Chain Letters: Narrating Convict Lives with Lucy Frost Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, and American Citizens British with Cassandra Pybus. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.
  • Hamish Maxwell-Stewart and I. Duffield. "Skin Deep Devotions: Religious Tattoos and Convict Transportation to Australia." Written on the Body: The Tattoo in European and American History. Ed. J. Caplan. London: Reaktion Press, 2000. 118-135.
  • "Convict Workers, ‘Penal Labour’ and Sarah Island: Life at Macquarie Harbour, 1822-1834." Representing Convicts. Ed. J. Bradley and I. Duffield. London: Continuum, 2000. 142-162.
  • J. Bradley and H. Maxwell-Stewart. "Embodied Explorations: Investigating Convict Descriptions." Representing Convicts. Ed. J. Bradley and I. Duffield. London: Continuum, 2000. 183-203.
  • H. Maxwell-Stewart and B. Hindmarsh, "‘This is the bird that never flew’: William Stewart, Major Donald MacLeod and the Launceston Advertiser." Journal of Australian Colonial History 2.1 (2000): 1-28.
  • "The Rise and Fall of John Longworth: Work and Punishment at Early Port Arthur." Tasmanian Historical Studies 7 (1999): 96-114.
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  • "The Search for the Convict Voice." Tasmanian Historical Studies 6 (1998): 75-89.
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