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I would like to therefore take this opportunity to thank my editor at Allen and Unwin, Catherine Taylor, who was a pleasure to work with and Russell Brooks who did a magnificent job with the index. I would also like to thank Sue Hines, Trade Publishing Director, at Allen and Unwin and Clive Tilsley from Fullers book shop, who did so much to encourage the writing of this book. Finally I would like to thank Prue Theobalds for the sketches of Macquarie Harbour used in this website.

Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

Inscription on a rock face at Liberty Point. It reads “G [broad arrow] R [broad arrow] IV [broad arrow] 18[22?]”. The broad arrow was the government property mark. The inscription can be read as either George Rex IV 1822, suggesting that it was inscribed the year that the penal station was founded, or Gulielmus (the Latin for William) 1832—George IV reigned from 1820-30 and William IV from 1830-37. Drawing by Prue Theobalds, December 2006.


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