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Representing Convicts Ed. Ian Duffield and Jasmes BradleyRepresenting Convicts
Ed. Ian Duffield and Jasmes Bradley

Chain Letters Lucy Frost and Hamish Maxell-Steward
Chain Letters
Lucy Frost and Hamish Maxell-Steward

The Many Headed HydraPeter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker
The Many Headed Hydra
Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker

Convict Maids Deborah Oxley
Convict Maids
Deborah Oxley

American Citizens British SlavesCassandra Pybus Hamish Maxwell-Stewart
American Citizens British Slaves
Cassandra Pybus Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

Convicts in the Indian OceanClare Anderson
Convicts in the Indian Ocean
Clare Anderson

The RocksGrace Karskens
The Rocks
Grace Karskens

Rogues, Rebels and RunawaysNigel Penn
Rogues, Rebels and Runaways
Nigel Penn

Van Diemen's Land
James Boyce

Legible Bodies
Clare Anderson

Indian Uprising
Clare Anderson

Gender, Crime and Empire
Kirst Reid

The Europeans in Australia Vol I
Alan Atkinson

The Europeans in Australia Vol II
Alan Atkinson

Closing Hell's Gates
Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

Epic Journeys of Freedom
Cassandra Pybus

Black Founders
Cassandra Pybus


Links to Current Work:

Founders and Survivors: Australian Lifecourses in Historical Context

Closing Hell's Gates


Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Nomination

UNESCO Memory of the World - Australian Convict Records

Cascades Females Factory

Hyde Park Barracks

Fremantle Prison

Port Arthur Historic Site

Kingston Vale Historic Site, Norfolk Island


ICCS also maintains close connections with other networks of scholars researching in related areas of unfree labour and areas of forced migration such as indenture in the Indian Ocean, transatlantic slavery, indigenous workers in Australia and the Pacific

Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies

The Harriet Tubman Resource Centre on the African Diaspora

Australian Centre for indigenous History

Centre for Popular memory in South Africa


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