The Escape conference was held in Strahan, Tasmania 26-28 June 2003.

It was an interdisciplinary engagement with the questions:

What does escape mean?
What are the myriad ways to escape?
What are the boundaries of confinement?

Islands of Vanishment

Islands of Vanishment was held at Port Arthur, Tasmania 7-10 June 2002 in partnership with the Port Arthur Historic Site and Australia ICOMOS.

It was a major international conference to consider conserving and interpreting those heritage places which commemorate painful and ambivalent themes in colonial societies.

Colonial Places, Convict Spaces

Colonial Places, Convict Spaces was held at the University of Leicester, 9-10 December 1999.

This international considered penal transportation in a global context from the use of transportation as a means of colonization in early-modern European empires, to power relations in the penal colonies, the impact of convict settlements on indigenous societies and the meaning of those written sources convicts left behind.

The Colonial Eye

The Colonial Eye was held at the University of Tasmania, Hobart 3-6 February 1999.

It was an international conference located in richly a textured colonial terrain that focused on colonial Australia and included papers from Indigenous Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Cultural Tourism, English and Literacy Studies, Environmental Studies, History and Museum Studies.



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