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"Jack Bushman": Passages from the Life of a "Lifer"
Chapter VI

Edited by Ian Duffield

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This narrative has been broken into 6 sections:
Chapters I, II, III, IV , V & VI.

Chapter VI
His Reflection and Soliloquy
(Moreton Bay Courier, Vol. XIII, No. 747, Saturday 30 April 1859)

I had thought to finish. It is Saturday night. In front of the bark hut the place has been swept by Susey, and the fire burns brightly. I muse over the strange story of my life, as Jack Bushman reads to me page after page, and I reflect that shortly I shall be seventy years of age. Push back the hand on the dial plate. I would that I could push back time with my knowledge, harsh and rough though it be, to the time, fifty years gone by, when I wooed and won that lass of whom I have spoken so much. If she was but here to-night to share my evening meal, and if she and I were but gently waning down the hill of life together, oh how my heart would beat its thankfulness, and I could not refrain from singing a song of praise. They will picture me bad. And I have not endeavoured, by lying, to make myself other than I am, but whomsoever shall read these lines, and trace the avenging hand of justice for dishonesty, will acknowledge that I have suffered enough for my misdeeds. I and Susey are doing very well together; and if the life I have led has not taught me ought else, it has made me feel how sweet a thing is liberty. And it is my opinion people are foolish to risk its loss through dishonesty.

Farewell. A Lifer's joys and sorrows have been given; and may the perusal be productive of as much good as the spirit desires which collated them for the public.

Edited by Ian Duffield, University of Edinburgh

This narrative has been broken into 6 sections. You have just completed Chapter VI. Return to Chapter I , II , III , IV or V. See also the introduction to Jack Bushman's narrative by Ian Duffield.



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